A good climate all year round, with very mild winters and hot, humid summers with good seasonal rainfall and availability of land makes King Cetshwayo a promising centre in terms of agricultural production. Most communities practice small-scale farming for domestic purposes.

The main crop is sugar cane, grown largely in the lower-lying coastal belt. The production of horticultural crops includes timber citrus, sub-tropical fruits and vegetables, as well as delicate cut flowers for export.

Ntingwe Tea is rated among the ten best tea’s in the world, and is being sold as a speciality tea in the United Kingdom and the United States. Yorkshire Gold, a blend of Ntingwe tea and other varieties, is a second retail brand.

The Nkandla Essential Oils project is a major out-grower scheme in the area and the second largest producer of geranium oil in the province.

King Cetshwayo is looking for investment to roll the essential oils programme project further out in various local municipalities and regions.

The expansion of the local economy should focus on increasing timber and cane production, expanding the cut flower industry, and establishing apiaries. There is however a need to diversify into new agricultural crops and agro processing ventures such as dry fruit, juices, and wood crafts.